Welcome to the practice of Dr Joseph Fairbloom -Brampton, Your Dedicated Dental Professionals serving Brampton and Surrounding Areas


As your Dentist, I can assure that you, your family and friends, will receive the personal attention that you deserve.  Our caring and experienced team in our office in Brampton will listen to your needs and answer all your questions.  Relax in our pleasant, comfortable, modern state of the art treatment rooms while being treated to the most recent and advanced materials and techniques with a "soft gentle touch".  We are grateful for your confidence and trust, and look forward looking after you, your family and friends.

We are proud to be a Green Office!

  • Seamless digital process which virtually eliminates use of paper and saves trees - we are an eco-friendly office
  • X-rays processed without the use of harmful developer and fixer chemicals
  • Dental procedures that include bio-compatible materials rather than mercury
  • Digital X-Rays used that eliminate 90% of the radiation
  • OPTIM ® cleaners, disinfectants and sterilants...Quick, Clean and Green!